Feryelle Antar

Feryelle Antar Associate Director of Learning & Development - Accor(260k+ employees)

My name is Feryelle Antar and I am the Associate Director of Learning & Development at Accor Hotels- Sydney Olympic Park. I cannot believe I have found a purpose in life that pays me to do what I’m most passionate about. And that’s helping people reach their career goals. I do this by identifying peoples individual learning gaps, then assist in closing those gaps. Sometimes those gaps are work related skills, other times its challenging our mindset, exploring what personal limitations we have put on ourselves and working with people on an individualistic strategic approach to lift those limiting career blocks and hitting those career milestones. I have obtained a bachelor of Business in HR and have re-embarked on another learning journey with Monash University. I am completing my studies in Psychology to better assist my purpose – helping me help others optimise their work performance and self as a whole! I am lucky enough to be called mum by two beautiful children, and it is through my experiences of becoming a mother and remaining career driven that I have come to a realisation of how women self-sabotage their careers before they’ve even had their children. So join me on my Live Interview to discuss: What conversations we should be having with our significant other pre- commitment What we should stop/ start/ continue doing in the workplace when we are pregnant What we & others need to stop/start/continue doing to change the narrative for mothers returning to work

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