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Small businesses are the backbone of any economy, driving growth, opening new markets, and creating jobs, they encourage competition and bring fresh ideas that challenge the status quo.

We are gathering 100+ HR professionals from SMEs in the DACH region to discuss the challenges that face SMEs from an HR perspective and explore potential solutions.


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8-9 September, 2022

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Amber Vanderburg
Nina Grosse
Raluca Thomas
Larissa Lanz
Sabrina Kosse
Marine Célia Hamou
Yebga Kack
Tobias Klein
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First Day September 8, 2022
Second DaySeptember 9, 2022


"Scaling an organization for the Future of Work"

– Frameworks and structures needed to scale at speed – Hiring globally to achieve hiring speed – introducing new ways of working and collaborating  – Maintaining culture and evolving leadership to meet the needs of an utterly changed organization.  – Summary: challenges and opportunities. 

"How to scale a global team - from hiring plans to compliant onboarding"

Are you currently leading a remote or hybrid team but not sure how to make your first hire abroad? International hiring is no longer reserved for large corporations – you can build a global team at any stage of growth. Fortunately, Omnipresent is here to demystify the experience and share...

Live Interview: "How to sustain company culture while growing?"

"How to Build a Learning Strategy That Delivers Business Outcomes"

The modern workforce is changing rapidly. To keep up with change, it’s essential for businesses to prioritise workplace learning programs that provide strategic organisational advantages that lead to business outcomes. It’s also important for L&D leaders to find approaches that demonstrate a learning program’s significance and value to the executive...

“The culture of ultimate ownership – how can the company grow as the hierarchically flat organization”

-Overview of the energy trading specifics and its impact on the organizational design -Historical roots of the flat org.structure and lean organization -Ultimate ownership approach – what works well and where we have challenges

"How to Build an Internationalization Strategy to Make the World Your Market"

-The reasons why companies should consider global growth in 2022.    -The main pitfalls to look out for in the international marketplace.    -Available solutions to streamline the process of building global teams.

1:1 Meetings & Networking Session

Lunch Break

"Temporary Work from Abroad"

Live Interview: "Hiring challenges in fast scaling companies"

"Effective Team Building Learning objectives"

– Determine the purpose of your team building  – Understand team building as a habit in your culture  – Addressing challenging team dynamics

"Integrating Corporate Cultures into a Startup Culture"

Startup cultures need to hire talents from corporate cultures all the time. Yet, these two cultures are quite different and without actively managing a integration things often go wrong…do’s and don’ts about how to create a high-performing start-up/scale-up culture.

1:1 Meetings & Networking Session


“How a very small team can manage a high volume of applications while personalizing interactions with candidates”

As candidates’ aspirations and ambitions have changed, the talent acquisition team become the ambassadors of a company. How can you and your team be game changers in your recruitment and build a candidate experience which is candidate-centric?

"Creating a Career Progression Framework in a high growth start-up"

Career progression can take many forms but how do you set the Structure/Seniority levels/Job Descriptions/Pay and help your staff develop and grow to their desired career goals?

Live Interview: "L&D in hypergrowth companies – challenges and possibilities"

"Cultivating Company Culture during Hypergrowth in a Remote-First Environment"

"Attract and retain the right talents"

Will go into the 6 strategies to find and bring on board the right talent today. In doing so, I will make a small excursion into the benefits landscape and, at the end, give an insight into the 4 elements that can be used to keep talent in the organization...

Live Interview: "Is mental wellbeing the employers responsibility?"

1:1 Meetings & Networking Session

Lunch Break

Live Interview: "Clear Advantage through a Visual Corporate Vision: Employees recognize a top employer by a clearly transparent corporate culture"

In the last 2.5 years, the world of work has changed fundamentally. Especially in times of economic crisis, loyal and valued employees are enormously important. If people are loyal, they have to know what is expected of them. They need to know what the company stands for, how it is...

Live Interview: "Office, remote, or hybrid? The future of SMEs workplace"

1:1 Meetings & Networking Session

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HR professionals


2-day world-class conference.
Access an international community of 100+ high-profile L&D experts and decision-makers from top companies in Europe.
20 speeches and presentations.
4 mini panel discussions.
4 live interviews.
One-to-one meetings.
Numerous hours of networking.

Solution Providers & Consultants


2-day world-class conference.
Access an international community of 100+ high-profile L&D experts and decision-makers from top companies in Europe.
20 speeches and presentations.
4 mini panel discussions.
4 live interviews.
One-to.one meetings.
Numerous hours of networking.
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