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Our HR of Tomorrow 2020, Europe (virtual) was a great success. We proudly had 211 attendees from 22 countries, 15 sponsors, and 40 speakers. In 2021, we’re expecting 400+ attendees from Europe and developing a new innovative format to boost our participants’ experience.

The HR of Tomorrow conference is a global series where high profile HR experts and decision-makers from Europe and various countries around the world come to share their expertise and meet their peers. The participants include CHROs, VPs of HR, CXOs, Head of HR, and Directors from top global companies along with SMEs and hyper-growth startups.


Online (virtual conference)


25-26 March 2021

Recruitment and Talent Management

Learn the best practices from top companies in Europe.

Speakers cover crucial topics in the recruitment and talent management space including sourcing, high volume hiring, onboarding, candidate assessment, human capital management, talent acquisition technologies, and the application of AI in the HR area.

Employee Engagement

Explore the latest strategies and solutions to keep your employees passionate about their work.

Get an exclusive insight into how top companies maintain a high level of people engagement in the workplace remotely and onsite. Topics include employee recognition, retention, 360 feedback, rewarding, people analytics, and more.

Our Speakers

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Conference Schedule

  • Day 1

    March 25, 2021

  • Candidate Experience – don’t talk just do it Everyone talks about Candidate Experience. But what does it actually mean in practice? Which pragmatic actions are necessary to you turn this hype word into a real-life experience? And how do you measure it? Based on the well-known funnel of a classic candidate journey Dominik provides insights on how Allianz Group delivers candidate experience on an operational level.

  • We'll explore how your employees’ working experiences are changing and how you can adapt and strengthen your company culture during 2021 and beyond. By prioritising your culture, your organisation will be better equipped for the future world of work. Join us to learn; -How the social and economic fallout and the ongoing pandemic is impacting your employee experience. -What you can do to strengthen your culture. -How to build resilience.

  • Did you know that between 30-50% of all executive transitions fail during the first 18-24 months? Typically, organisations work extremely hard to identify and hire new executive talent…but then rely on hope when it comes to making their new investment successful. The cost of replacing an executive can be anywhere between 2.5 to 10 times their salary. Given the high stakes, it is surprising how little good guidance is available to new executives on how to transition more effectively and... and efficiently into a new leadership role. And this is particularly true during a global pandemic! There are many reasons for this shockingly high failure rate. Together we will explore the reasons for failure as well as what actually works in successful transitions, also in a virtual setting.

  • How to build an employee engagement strategy that works during the pandemic and how to prepare for a post-COVID19 workplace?

  • Putting Your Insights To Work: Measure and Improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion might seem like a “nice-to-have” in the face of uncertain economic times, but it’s one of the most effective ways to foster the innovation and resilience that is required to improve business performance and organizational health. Join Peakon as they discuss how to measure and improve your organization’s approach to DE&I, allowing you to create a more diverse and inclusive culture, benchmark success and collect ongoing feedback in order to measure the impact of new initiatives and drive increased performance.

  • Grab your coffee and e-meet your peers! It's a nice time to have a friendly chat and expand your network

  • Grab your coffee and e-meet your peers! It's a nice time to have a friendly chat and expand your network

  • Companies are recognizing the important role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. But how do you create a culture of belonging and inclusion? How do you turn intent into impactful actions that create positive change? At Workday, we’re taking action to examine how to value inclusion, belonging, and equity - VIBE™ - for all. In this session, we will share strategies and the latest technologies for enabling change - helping to develop, engage, and retain diverse talent, creating an inclusive employee experience and a culture of belonging.

  • How to reconstruct an internal 360 feedback system that boosts employee engagement?

  • Today’s organizational reality is vastly different from how we all worked 10, 20 years ago. And yet, most of the HR practices remain unchanged. Are we holding on to rituals and traditions, or is there more at play here? In this session, we’ll look at the rising tensions between an ever-increasing speed of change in our day-to-day operations, and the effort of HR to support and guide them. An overview of the main problem areas driving dissatisfaction in your organization and a novel way of delivering value, not doing it yourself.

  • In this session, we’ll discuss the power of inclusive and frequent recognition and why it is now more important than ever. The tough economic climate is impacting organisations and their employees everywhere. When faced with recession, many businesses look to cut costs resulting in - at best - a lack of job security and pay freezes, and - at worst - redundancy. This puts employees under increased pressure, generating stress that has a negative impact on motivation, engagement and productivity. It's essential for organisations to develop the right strategies for maintaining engagement levels during a downturn, and to look at innovative ways to unite and connect their workforce more effectively, even with less resources. Join Susanne and Alyssa for this informative discussion.

  • An insight into the current transformation from the Industrial to the Digital Age. The speaker will also address the need for a new working model and leadership culture to drive that transformation.

  • More than a growing trend, Hybrid working is the Future of Work. Initiated by the digital revolution and accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, it enables organisations to generate higher productivity while improving the wellbeing of their employees. Through several case studies, Francesca will showcase how Hybrid working is becoming part of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy and how it helps accessing broader talent pools. Traditional work in an office is becoming more and more obsolete with the digitalisation of work.

  • Grab your coffee and e-meet your peers! It's a nice time to have a friendly chat and expand your network

  • Day 2

    March 26, 2021

  • The world has changed—and so has Deloitte’s approach to its Global Human Capital Trends research. The 2021 report focuses on understanding which characteristics can support organizations in their shift from survive to thrive by revisiting a subset of key trends from the 2020 research, as well critical strategies to help leaders prepare for—and thrive—in the face of future disruptions.

  • In this session, Ashley will discuss the benefits of implementing a collaborative hiring process at your business to create impactful teams. Ashley will share some insights on how teams can work together to make better hires.

  • Agility means putting people at the centre of everything. In this conversation with Andreea Craciun, UKI Customer Success at CoachHub and Yuliana Balashkevych, Global L&D Director at JTI (Japan Tobacco International) discuss how JTI is responding to an increasing volatile world and how they are leveraging flexible and integrated talent management processes to drive increased people and organizational performance.

  • How do you grow your organisation with the right people, best on-boarding experience, and quickly? Learn from Ben Kiziltug, Country Manager UK & International Lead at Personio on how they managed to grow from 5 to 500 employees in less than 5 years, sharing personal insight into efficient recruiting and rewarding HR Management.

  • No-one was prepared or briefed for the events of 2020 – it was unprecedented and unparalleled in our lifetime. The ability to make employees feel secure, valued and heard during these extraordinary times is essential if they are to thrive. In this session we will explore how to build best teams in a remote environment, and how to create a culture where our people feel safe, welcomed and respected.

  • The employee experience encompasses every touchpoint your employee has with your organization and their perception of it. With a. scope this. vast, you. may as well throw. a. dart at the wall. to decide. where. to start. But. there is a better way: - Ask the right questions of your people data to identify where you should focus - Align your findings with the observations of practitioners to decide where you should dig in - Act, with a plan designed to respond to the defined problem, and monitor. the results.

  • Grab your coffee and e-meet your peers! It's a nice time to have a friendly chat and expand your network

  • Grab your coffee and e-meet your peers! It's a nice time to have a friendly chat and expand your network

  • Constant change has become a daily reality for all businesses, and agility is critical for organisations during these challenging times. Employers are encouraged to rethink their workforce management strategies, adding flexibility to their teams will be key to working efficiently and effectively. Learn how WorkForce Software helped Athlon provide integration and transparency between teams.

  • Will the remote work culture continue after COVID-19 fades away and how this affects the workplace?

  • Hear how the people you need for the Future of Work are already in your workforce. It’s time to change your mindset and focus on a renewable and not replaceable workforce.

  • The impact of Covid-19 on long-term recruiting trends: What we have learned from the pandemic and how this will influence or even alter the future trajectory of recruitment

  • Talent acquisition has experienced a tremendous amount of change and unique challenges over the last eight months. With the only constant being a continually evolving “normal”, how can talent teams adapt to ensure their success? Join Fountain’s EU Market Lead, Xi Weng, and his special guest, as they discuss the challenges faced within TA over the last several months, and how they have reshaped the recruiting and hiring landscape, paving the way for the future of hiring. What You’ll Learn: -The current challenges high-volume TA leaders are facing today -How the right ATS can help improve the state of hiring, and combat the challenges currently faced with high-volume hiring -Lessons and insights from TA leaders on how they’ve structured and adapted their hiring processes

  • Grab your coffee and e-meet your peers! It's a nice time to have a friendly chat and expand your network

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