Sven Krueger

Chief Marketing Officer at adesso SE (4.5k+ employees)

He knows a little about a lot and a great deal about a little. When it comes to marketing, digitalization and leadership, he's almost always an asset. Sven most interested in people and projects that aim to make a difference and want to improve the status quo.

The past few years have shown impressively how much can change in a very short time, and that almost anything is possible. From his point of view, there aren't that many reasons for anyone to do the same thing over and over again. His expertise in the three above-mentioned areas is an exciting positioning, because digital change is not half as technical as it sounds. Digital transformation is people transformation and this is about communication and marketing, about "selling ideas and content" and about understanding people and technology. Sven works in this intersection.

He's never bored. He tends to do too many projects, on the one hand because he can, and on the other hand because Sven enjoys doing what he wants with whom he wants. -Okay, tbh - time is sometimes a problem then, that's right. ;-)

12:30 to 1:00 pm CET

Thursday 12 October 2023

Drowning in Mediocracy? The Impact of AI on Corporate Content Creation.

Almost a year after the release of Chat GPT the world has certainly changed, though certainly not as quickly and fundamentally as many of the new AI prophets proclaimed. Surely a ton of content is generated by Large Language Models (LLM) daily, but the corporate content team probably still has not changed that much? The WEF projects that LLMs will massively impact administrative and analytical tasks, while for example athletes, dishwashers and your haircutter remain rather unimpacted due to lack of exposure to automation and augmentation. So what do we have to expect from the so called AI revolution by the rise of foundation models in the content creation space and how would we best prepare ourselves and our organizations for the months & years to come? Spoiler: Further change is inevitable and the survival-of-the-fittest rule remains valid, maybe enhanced as “the fittest (with) AI”.