Andrew Hall

VP Marketing - Global Demand Generation at Canto (0-500 employees)

Andrew is VP of Global Demand Generation at Canto. He’s a B2B marketing specialist with a career that has spanned advertising agencies, the SaaS start-up world as well as cyber security and is well versed in all things content marketing.

With in-depth experience of work management tools, digital asset management and change management strategies, Andrew has a knack for helping companies set themselves up for success by scaling their creative operations.

12:00 to 12:30 pm CET

Friday 13 October 2023

The AI Content Storm – Will You Sink or Swim?

Times are tough as a marketer: We need more and more content to keep up with demand but simultaneously often have less budget available. The solution seems simple: hundreds of AI tools offer efficient ways to
rapidly create more content at little extra cost. But is it really that easy? Those fancy new AI assets do not manage themselves and may create more content chaos than ever before. So, what to do if you find yourself drowning in a stormy sea of assets? You’ll
need a safe harbour to sail into, a central database that fits neatly in your tech stack and allows you to efficiently store, manage, retrieve and, of course, share all that content. There's no way around digital asset management (DAM), so get on board before
you sink!


Key Takeaways:

What is AI doing to the state of digital content?
The damaging effects of content chaos
How digital asset management can help brave the AI content storm
How AI-tools are used in DAM